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Annual Forage Species

Demonstration of Forage Peas in Mixture with Cereals for Greenfeed Production (2016)

Annual Forage Species Demonstration (2013)

Grazing Non-Traditional Annual Forage Mixtures (2012)

Adaptation, Yield and Quality of Annual Forage Crop Culitvars in Saskatchewan (2005)

Silage Variety Comparison for Dairy Production in Saskatchewan (2013)


Demonstrating the Use of Yellowhead Alfalfa in a One-Cut and Two-Cut Harvest System, Year Two (2017)

Demonstration of AC Yellowhead Persistence and Performance in Saskatchewan Forage Stands (2017)

Demonstration of Scarification Methods for Cicer Milkvetch Seed (2017)

Demonstrating the Use of Yellowhead Alfalfa in a One-Cut and Two-Cut Harvest System, Year One (2015)

Cicer Milkvetch Establishment Options Cicer Milkvetch Establishment Options (2014)

Establishing Cicer Milkvetch using Trampling from Bale Grazing (2011)

Capacity Building in Tame Forage Species Management – Alfalfa (2006)

Pasture Renovation with Kura Clover (2006)

Pastures and Grazing

Use of the Grazing Response Index (GRI) on Saskatchewan Pastures to Facilitate Forage Management Decisions (2017)

Trace Mineral Status of Saskatchewan Pastures (2014)

Hay, Silage and Winter Feeding

Rolling oats, barley and alfalfa after emergence (2018)

Baling Alfalfa: Comparing Leaf Shatter Loss to Heat Damage (2013)

Hay Preservatives for High Moisture Bales (2013)

Nutrient and Yield Effect of Bale Grazing on Hay Fields (2011)

Economics and Markets

An Economic Assessment of Feed Costs within the Cow/calf Sector (2011)

Western Canadian Organic Beef and Forage Industry: Current Market Conditions and Trends for the Future (2011)

Forage Seed Production and Quality Control Focusing on Weed Control and Harvest Management (2006)

Hay and Forage Seed Production and Marketing in Saskatchewan (2005)

Invasive Species Control

Control of Absinth and Common Tansy in Perennial Pastures Using Three Methods of Wiper Application (2016)

Invasive Plant Species Management Strategies: Capacity Building for Saskatchewan’s Forage & Livestock Industry (2013)

A Comparison of Chemical and Biological Control of Scentless Chamomile in Mixed Alfalfa/Grass Hay and Pasture Stands (2012)

Assessment of Brush Control Herbicides in Parkland Pastures (2010)

Forage Crop Establishment

Options for Establishing Forages on Saline Soils (2013)

Re-establishing Alfalfa into Existing Grass Stands (2011)

Utilization of New Grass Cultivars for Reclamation of Saline Sites (2008)

Perennial Forage Species

Demonstration of Perennial Forage Crops (2013)

Stockpiling Perennial Forages (2010)

Development of Perennial Native Species Stands in the Black Soil Zone of Manitoba and Saskatchewan (2008)

Development of Identification Tools for Perennial Introduced and Native Species (2007)

Industry Collaboration

Saskatchewan Forage Network (2018)

CEC Grassland Outreach and Pilot Manger Project (2015)

2006 Saskatchewan Pasture School (2006)

2004 Canadian Forage and Turf Seed Conference (2004)

Development of a Forage and Amenity Seed Check-off in Saskatchewan - Final Phase (2006)

Development of a Forage and Amenity Seed Check-off in Saskatchewan - Phase 2 (2004)

Feasibility Study for a Forage and Amenity Seed Check-off in Saskatchewan (2003)

Technology and Innovation

Interactive Tools for Forage Species Selection and Seeding Rate Calculation (2007)

Foragebeef Website Development (2003)


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