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SFC Holds Annual General Meeting

The Saskatchewan Forage Council annual general meeting was held on August 19th, in a virtual format made necessary by current restrictions on gatherings. This left no opportunity for the field tours, presentations and networking that would typically have been part of event. The agenda focused solely on the activities and financials of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020.

Board elections saw the renewal of three-year terms for incumbent directors Mark McNinch, a producer from Edam, Dr. Greg Penner from the University of Saskatchewan, and Elbow-area rancher Brent Griffin. The board welcomed two new directors: Dr. Bill Biligetu from the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan, and David MacTaggart, a producer who is pursuing a Master’s of Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan. They join Tamara Carter (Producer), Sarah Sommerfeld (Ministry of Agriculture), Alan VanCaeseele (Brett Young Seeds), Garnet Ferguson (CanPro), Jeremy Brown (Ducks Unlimited), Trevor Plews (Ducks Unlimited), Holly Thompson (Producer), Jillian Bainard (AAFC) and Terry Kowalchuk (ex-officio; Ministry of Agriculture) to form the SFC board of directors.

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Posted September 16, 2020


Saskatchewan Pasture Tour

In a normal year, we’d be hosting the Saskatchewan Pasture Tour this week, but it’s not a normal year! We look forward to this great event returning in 2021. Watch this video for more information about next year’s tour:


Posted August 7, 2020


New and interactive forage selection tool launched for Western Canada

For immediate release: June 8th, 2020

The Saskatchewan Forage Council is excited to announce the launch of Forage U-Pick, a new interactive forage species selection tool for Western Canada. Designed to provide users with information for forage selection, seeding rates, and weed management, Forage U-Pick is a mobile-friendly tool offering timely and efficient advice.

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Check out the Forage U-Pick tool here


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