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Growing Forward 2 (GF2) - Consultations

In September 2012, the federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Agriculture met in Whitehorse, Yukon and set in place a new five-year agricultural policy framework - Growing Forward 2 (GF2).

GF2 will come into effect on April 1, 2013. Currently the Bilateral Agreement between Saskatchewan and the federal government for GF2 programming is being negotiated.

To date, we have received valuable input from producers and industry organizations, which has shaped our initial approach to GF2 programming. Over the past three years, through a series of both formal and informal consultation sessions, we have gathered a significant amount of feedback about what has worked in the original Growing Forward framework, and what areas could be improved to better serve stakeholders.

This feedback has helped us structure new program areas and initiatives in our negotiations with the federal government, while at the same time, balancing sector needs with the funding available and parameters set for the agreement nationally.

As Saskatchewan enters the final stage of bilateral negotiations with the federal government regarding programming and funding, the Ministry would like to invite stakeholders to submit written comments regarding priorities, initiatives and observations concerning GF2.

Currently, Saskatchewan is considering a range of strategic initiatives organized across eight program areas, which include:
     * Agriculture Research & Innovation
     * Value-Added Business Development
     * Farm Business Management
     * Trade and Market Development
     * Environment
     * Rural Water Infrastructure
     * Food Safety, Plant & Animal Health
     * Agriculture Awareness

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Posted January 30, 2013

Governments Invest 3.4 Million into Livestock Research

Research Funding to Help Grow the Industry and Benefit Livestock and Forage Producers

Today Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced $3.4 million in funding for 23 livestock and forage research projects. Funding for these projects is provided through the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF).

"Saskatchewan is a world leader in agricultural research," said Ritz. "The Agriculture Development Fund and work done in the province's research institutions help producers innovate to strengthen our economy here in Saskatchewan and across Canada."

"Research is vital to the future of our industry and ranchers across Saskatchewan will benefit from these projects," Stewart said. "Our government's continued commitment to innovation will help our producers remain competitive and will continue to ensure Saskatchewan produces safe, reliable agriculture products."

Livestock and forage projects receiving funding in 2013 include:
     * New forage barley for beef and dairy producers;
     * Development of oral and needle-free vaccines for calves;
     * Analysis of sheep health in the province;
     * New nutritional feeds for piglets;
     * Improving the energy value in high-protein feed;
     * DNA testing technologies for cattle;
     * Improved production management tools for cow-calf operations;
     * Development of new vaccines for poultry; and
     * Field-testing a vaccine against chronic wasting disease.

To read the complete SK Ministry of Ag News Release, click here.

Posted January 23, 2013

Harper Gov Helps Form the Saskatchewan Forage Network

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, January 22, 2013 - With the support of the Harper Government, Saskatchewan forage industry members will work together to develop and implement a strategy to improve the sector's competitiveness and to ensure its long-term prosperity. Agriculture minister Gerry Ritz today announced an investment that will help the Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) build partnerships and promote industry-wide dialogue through the formation of the Saskatchewan Forage Network.

"Forages are a core driver of the Saskatchewan economy, and we are pleased to support the sector in developing an efficient and coordinated approach," said Minister Ritz. "The formation of the Network will enable the sector to achieve tangible and practical results through calculated investments in key areas."

The $148,000 investment will allow the SFC to secure a coordinator for the newly formed Saskatchewan Forage Network, and to carry out activities and deliver on the Network's objectives. These objectives include developing a strategy to build forage research capacity, facilitating access to project funds, and achieving coordinated technology transfer and extension activities across the industry.

An industry-led steering committee, which includes members from the SFC, the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association, SaskMilk, the Sask Leafcutters Association, the Saskatchewan Forage Seed Development Commission, and the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan, will identify new priorities, needs, and gaps as the Network model is developed and implemented.

"This project is coming at a key time for the forage industry, as we are currently facing a serious lack of investment in forage research and program funding, both in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Funding for this project will be used to consult with and bring together stakeholders in a coordinated effort on forage-related issues facing the industry," said Aaron Ivey, President of the SFC and Chair of the Forage Network Steering Committee. "I am happy to report that this network has already seen positive progress."

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Posted January 22, 2013

Funding to Help Patrons Assume Pasture Operations

Funding to Help Patrons Develop Business Plans and Establish Legal Entities

Today, Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced funding to help pasture patron groups prepare to assume operation of federal community pastures.

"Returning these lands back to their provincial owners is a great opportunity for those, with a more direct stake in the use of the land, to take over the pasture management," said Ritz. "Our government is pleased to work with the Province of Saskatchewan and use the flexibility of Growing Forward programming to support this transfer."

"Pasture patrons have been the priority for our government throughout this transition," Stewart said. "This funding will help patron groups with the business costs associated with assuming operation of these pastures and we will continue working hand-in-hand with them throughout this process."

Funding will be available to patron groups for up to 75 per cent of the costs associated with establishing legal entities and the development of business plans, up to a maximum of $80,000. In addition, funding will be available for up to 75 per cent of the costs for patrons to improve their business management skills, up to a maximum of $40,000.

Pasture patron groups are eligible for a maximum benefit of up to $120,000 per group. Funding will be provided under the Saskatchewan Farm Business Development Initiative.

To read the complete SK Ministry of Ag News Release, click here.

Posted November 15, 2012

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