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September 25, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 12
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Forage Industry Stakeholder Forum to Provide Initial Results
Deadline Extended for 2008 FRWIP
Crop Insurance Deadline Approaches
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Dear Leanne

Straw BalesHarvest is in full swing across most of the province and so far the weather has been cooperating with unusually warm temperatures in most areas.  As we enter into the fall season, thoughts are turning to winter feed stocks.  I would encourage those both needing or selling feed to look at the Feed and Forage Listing on the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (SMA) website as well as classified ads such as those in the Western Producer.  There are currently over 60 listings on the SMA website and over 100 in the Producer for hay and greenfeed.  In this edition of the Forage and Livestock eNews are updates on the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program, Sask Crop Insurance Programs and information on the upcoming Forage Industry Stakeholder Forum.            
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Forage Industry Stakeholder Forum to Provide Initial Results of Industry Project
The Saskatchewan Forage Council along with our project organizing committee is pleased to present the second Forage Industry Stakeholder Forum - 'Working Together for the Future of the Forage Industry' which will take place November 17, 2009 in Saskatoon, SK.
The first forum held in November of 2008, introduced the project entitled "Saskatchewan's Forage Industry: A Multi-level Analysis", which investigates the direct and indirect effects that forages have on the economy, society and environment in Saskatchewan.  Stakeholders in attendance provided valuable direction for this project and interesting discussions between forage producers, users and agencies took place. 
The 2009 forum is a chance to present the initial findings of the project and provide industry stakeholders the opportunity to give comments and feedback on the information.  It is the vision of the organizing committee that this year's forum continue in the informal manner of the first, which saw stakeholders actively participating in discussions and providing direction for this project. 
The timing of this forum will provide the project consultant time to incorporate suggestions and follow up on information provided by stakeholders before the final version of the report is submitted in March of 2010. 
The Saskatchewan Forage Council acknowledges the partners on this joint initiative, including the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Feeds Innovation Institute, Knowledge Impact in Society (KIS) and the Centre for Studies in Agriculture, Law and the Environment (CSALE).  Financial support for this project has been provided by the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan through the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food in Saskatchewan (ACAAFS) program and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.
For more information on this project or the forum, please visit the Saskatchewan Forage Council website at http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102725980091&s=256&e=001yLIMolCQ4lbmHghb_l1seMzVh-7q_36Bgq1A6ZyQSmhaplFBvez7GfFoKFpE7ufn9s_jEqVeETFaw4A0UTXz7bYGb5VAKMPFB3M1XXd0vFnANx55SNFfWw==.  You can also contact the Saskatchewan Forage Council office, or Leanne Thompson, Lead Consultant on this project at:
Phone 306.454.2777 

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Deadline Extended for 2008 Projects under Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program
In a recent press release, the government of Canada and Saskatchewan announced an extension for project completion under the 2008 Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP).  The deadline to complete projects has been extended from November 1, 2009 to November 1, 2010.  David Anderson, MP for Cypress Hills/Grasslands made the announcement on behalf of the Federal Minister of Agriculture in Swift Current on Monday.
The 2008 FRWIP was intended to help farmers, ranchers and RM's in the South West develop long-term water supplies and negate the effects of drought.  Applications for this program were due December 3, 2008 and new applications are not being accepted.  However, the program was expanded province wide in 2009 and new project applications are currently being accepted.  The expanded FRWIP is a four year program, part of the Growing Forward initiative and will run until March 2013.   
Water development projects including wells, dugouts and pipelines are considered under this program.  For more details on the eligible projects and costs, please visit the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture website at http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102725980091&s=256&e=001yLIMolCQ4lZej5rI5jJQL6aZLVxMCrL1rO2LGVtq3N3LRIez_-2acisrkAGwOq8mHK7Z0OqGNO_9rmUG_CvLAiD-QZYVZxAaZ1T2-yd2zljQ8Paqy5JKqA==.  
The 2008 FRWIP saw more than $29 million in funding allocated towards water infrastructure and development projects. The 2008 program was cost shared under the AgriRecovery program of Growing Forward as offered through the federal and provincial government.    

Pasture Watering System

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Spotlight on our Sponsors:
Crop Insurance Deadline Approaches
The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) wants to assure customers that they are focused on making the forage claim process as seamless as possible.
Anytime a customer perceives a shortage in their production, they are advised to contact their local customer service office. Producers will be informed if they are eligible for a claim without an inspection. If not, adjusters will count bales and estimate weight and, in some cases, verify weight.
SCIC is accepting an increased number of claims without inspections. By doing so, the speed at which a producer will receive payment will also increase, so additional feed may be purchased if necessary.
Each forage class (tame hay, greenfeed or sweetclover) acts as a unit with production combined. This means tame hay production is offset by other tame hay production but not greenfeed production.
Whether or not a claim was registered, producers must declare their forage production by September 30, 2009. This information is used to update individual coverage used in calculating claims. If this information is not reported, a producer's yield will be set to their production guarantee, reducing future coverage.
Forage producers have until September 30 to register yield-loss claims, or request an extension on unharvested acres. Forage claims submitted between October 1 and November 15, without an approved extension, will be subject to a 25 per cent reduction in their claim. Claims will not be accepted after November 15.
For more information:
          Contact your local customer service office;
          Call  1-888-935-0000; or 
          Visit www.saskcropinsurance.com

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