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May 22, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 8
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SFC to Develop a Producer-Based Forage Projects CD
SPARC Annual Grazing and Forage Tour
Spotlight on Our Sponsors: Forage Establishment Benefit Options - SCIC
Still some Room left in the 2009 Saskatchewan Pasture School
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Dear Leanne

New SeedingFinally it seems that spring has arrived with the longer days and warmer (albeit marginally) temperatures.  Producers in some areas of the province experienced nasty spring snow storms while others would appreciate the moisture that a snow storm would afford!  It appears that while much of the province has adequate spring moisture conditions, the North West portion of the province is quite dry.  Hopefully this area receives some timely spring rains to aid forage development for the year.  This edition of the Forage and Livestock eNews asks for your input on a forage and grazing project CD and contains information on upcoming forage and grazing tours as well as information about forage insurance programs available through Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp.          
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SFC to Develop a Producer-Based Forage Projects CD 
The Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) is currently developing a producer reference CD comprised of forage related innovations at the farm level in this province.  The CD will feature "tried and true" projects that producers have successfully put into practice on their operation in a number of different areas related to forage and grazing. 
Native pastureThe CD will include projects from around the province and be organized both by geographical area and subject area.  This way, users can search the CD for projects located near their own operation, or by subject area.
Some of the topics to be covered on the CD include fence construction/systems, water development, grazing management systems, forage seeding/establishment techniques, pasture and hay stand rejuvenation/renovation, weed control/brush control, among others. 
Information for the CD is currently being collected and production is planned for the fall of 2009 with availability scheduled for early 2010.  CD's will be available free of charge from the SFC and partner agencies such as the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and Agri-Environment Services Branch (formerly PFRA).  
The SFC is working with producer groups and partner agencies across Saskatchewan to identify projects to be highlighted on the CD.  If you know of, or if you are a producer that has incorporated a forage-related project on your operation, please contact us.  We are also looking for input regarding topics of interest to be included.  We look forward to hearing from you! 
Leanne Thompson                                                   Janice Bruynooghe
Project Consultant                                                   SFC Executive Director
Phone: (306) 454-2777                                             Phone: (306) 966-2148
thompsonleanne@sasktel.net                                   jbruynooghe@saskforage.ca

SPARC Annual Grazing and Forage Tour 
Submitted by: Trevor Lennox - Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
Plan now to attend the 2009 Grazing and Forage Research Tour at the Agriculture Canada (AAFC-SPARC) Research Station in Swift Current.
The theme for this year's field day will be "Developing Sustainable Grazing Systems and Working with Mother Nature", and will give participants an inside view of the research going on at Swift Current. The Swift Current Research Station is the only research station in Saskatchewan that still maintains a livestock herd on-site for grazing/feeding research.
The tour will occur on June 29th, 2009 and will run from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tour topics include: new forage varieties, environmental implications of bale grazing, changing calving season, using dry distiller grain as a supplement, improving the longevity of Sainfoin, using native and tame species together in mixtures, impact of legumes upon soil microbial activity, forages in rotation with annual crops, and pasture rejuvenation. A complete agenda can be found under the 'upcoming events' section on the Saskatchewan Forage Council website at: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102585474128&s=256&e=001Z6EA4W2LFUJmSbHNxvqjRd8XjnvKwRzokNrEvVP1AJ6R8cyXe4auVzzZP_rlXw5X9GDftBAfHecbp98cGiKp8bXLzztKixJ7uK8UARiJzZk9V_V-aeo9og==.
In order to encourage producer participation at this event, registration cost has been set at $10/person and includes a hot beef lunch. Space will be limited, therefore pre-registration is encouraged to reserve a spot.
To register contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture in Swift Current at 778-8285. Cheques are to be made payable to 'Southwest Forage Association', and mailed to: Sask. Min of Agriculture, Attn: Trevor Lennox  Box 5000  350 Cheadle St. W. Swift Current, SK  S9H 4G3.
Hope to see you there!

Grass Plot Tour

Spotlight on Our Sponsors:
Forage Establishment Benefit Option - Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp
As a frequent feature in the Forage and Livestock eNews, "Spotlight on Our Sponsors" will highlight information provided by a Saskatchewan Forage Council sponsor.  The Saskatchewan Forage Council acknowledges the support of our sponsors, without whom publications such as this e-newsletter, would not be possible!
The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) would like to remind their customers enrolled in the Forage Establishment Benefit Option (FEBO) that acres seeded in the spring of 2008 may be eligible for an establishment benefit if the crop does not establish.  If customers think they may have an establishment issue they should contact their Customer Service Office by June 20.
This benefit does not apply to those customers who did not select the Forage Establishment Benefit Option or to those acres that were grazed in the year of seeding.
FEBO coverage has increased for crops seeded in 2009. The coverage per acre for alfalfa and red clover, alfalfa/grass or grass is $40. Establishment coverage per acre for sweetclover is $30 and $75 for native forage. If you are enrolled in FEBO, list your newly seeded acres on your Seeded Acreage Report by June 25, 2009.
All customers whose forage crops fail to establish due to gophers are eligible for establishment coverage or a $50 payment under the Gopher Damage Feature.
For customers enrolled in yield loss coverage, if a short-fall in production is anticipated it is important to contact Crop Insurance so an adjuster can conduct an appraisal and determine a yield. Regardless, customers must contact their local customer service office if they intend to do something other than bale the crop.
Customers are encouraged to stop by and visit their Saskatchewan Crop Insurance representatives at our booth during the Western Canada Farm Progress Show, June 17 -19.
For more information on the forage programs offered by SCIC please contact:
Dale Wotherspoon
Phone (306) 728-7200
Sask Crop Insurance logo
Still Some Room Left in the 2009 Saskatchewan Pasture School
Even if you have attended in the past, you won't want to miss the 2009 version of the Saskatchewan Pasture School which will take place June 17 and 18 in Saskatoon.  There have been some changes made to the agenda this year so that everyone will find something new at the 2009 school.
Tame Pasture TourThis two-day event provides a forum for grazing managers to gain practical knowledge and expand their management skills through seminars, producer panels, hands-on exercises and pasture tours. 
Due to past feedback, the pasture tour portion of the agenda has been expanded to provide even more hands on learning.  Also participants will have more time to interact and hear from producers on the tours which will highlight both cattle and sheep graizng operations.  Coupled with the opportunity to brush up on your electric fencing skills, you will head home armed with the knowledge necceary to update your operation!  
Participating organizations include Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada-PFRA, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Saskatchewan Forage Council, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and Western Beef Development Centre.  

Registration forms and the full agenda are available on the Saskatchewan Forage Council website http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102585474128&s=256&e=001Z6EA4W2LFUJmSbHNxvqjRd8XjnvKwRzokNrEvVP1AJ6R8cyXe4auVzzZP_rlXw5X9GDftBAfHecbp98cGiKp8bXLzztKixJ7uK8UARiJzZk9V_V-aeo9og==.
For more information, contact: 
Saskatchewan Forage Council
Phone: (306) 966-2148
e-mail: office@saskforage.ca   
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