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January 16, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Forage Industry Stakeholder Forum a Success
Saskatchewan Advisory Council on Forage Crops
National Sustainable Grazing Mentorship Program
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Bale GrazingTopWelcome to the Saskatchewan Forage Council's first e-newsletter!  This regularly distributed publication will
provide news and information from across the forage industry.  If you produce, utilize or otherwise depend on forages, you will find something of interest in this newsletter. We will also be including information on upcoming events and programs related to the forage and livestock industry in Saskatchewan. 
Feel free to share this publication with anyone you think may be interested, or encourage them to join our mailing list.  Please contact us if you have comments or questions about our new e-newsletter.  Also, let us know if you have ideas for upcoming issues.  We welcome your input!
Forage Industry Stakeholder Forum a Success 
The organizing committee would like to extend a special thanks to those who attended the Forage Industry Stakeholder Forum on November 20-21, 2008 in Saskatoon.  Without your participation, this project will not be successful.  The project committee was very pleased with the wide cross section of stakeholders who were able to attend.  This made for interesting discussions and a unique point of view to emerge from this forum.  For those who were unable to attend, this article presents a summary of events and what the project committee is planning in moving forward with this important industry analysis. 
The forum opened with an address from the Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture, Bob Bjornerud, followed by a project overview.  Keynote speakers, Dr Ben Rashford and Dr. Ken Belcher provided insight into the nature of industry analysis projects and the methods utilized to provide a valuable report.  Please visit our website (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102445462166&e=001j-W3mw7sK8VkPkkBJosOPp3bYxyjfAcL4yKGai6v4tAeNk9nFTQ5lTnPxQAodvoia-bcjmrYh2dcHWdwl4Z8qsACGvQxHCC3C-ZKtLluTw7kxJpUEDNI6g==) to view the presentations from this forum.
The remainder of the forum saw attendees participating in the creation of value chain maps and taking part in open discussions about the nature and challenges of the forage industry today.  These maps looked both at the direct value chains (i.e. economic values) and indirect values (i.e. ecological goods and services) created by forages.  The final map will be used as a basis for conducting the industry analysis portion of the project. 
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Saskatchewan Advisory Council on Forage Crops
submitted by Michel Tremblay -  Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
and Secretary for SACFC
Sainfoin grass pastureThe Saskatchewan Advisory Council on Forage Crops (SACFC) is a long standing committee made up of representatives from government, industry, producer groups, and researchers. The mandate of this council is to provide a mechanism for the province's forage industry to communicate with and advise various levels of government on issues of importance to the forage industry. 
Working independently with no financial support, the SACFC is made up of a series of subcommittees representing all facets of the forage industry.  The subcommittee structure provides for systematic and regular communications and issue identification within and among forage industry sectors.  The SACFC is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to recommend for registration new forage cultivars.  The SACFC has advised governments on issues such as seed quality standards, research program priorities, structure of land conversion programs, and minor use registration of pesticides.  The SACFC meets annually in November.
For more information on the SACFC, please contact Michel Tremblay at (306) 787-7712 or michel.tremblay@gov.sk.ca.
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National Sustainable Grazing Mentorship Program 
SGMP LogoThe SFC is pleased to offer the Sustainable Grazing Mentorship Program (SGMP) again this year in Saskatchewan as an opportunity for producers to receive individual input and suggestions from a producer peer on how to improve their profits, efficiency, forage productivity as well as land and water resources through improved grazing management.
Saskatchewan producer Les Johnston was mentored as part of the program last year.  He felt that although he has experience in grazing and livestock management practices "it's helpful to have another set of eyes look at your operation, especially if you are considering investing a significant amount of dollars on improvements.  We were looking at doing some cross fencing and water development and found it beneficial to have a mentor evaluate our project ideas.  We were also able to learn about some programs that would help us recover a portion of the cost of these developments which will have an obvious benefit on our bottom line".

How does the program work?  A mentor will visit your farm/ranch to provide peer support and will be available for approximately 16 hours of mentoring. Your investment as a producer is only $100.  Program funding ends March 31, 2009, so contact the Saskatchewan Forage Council now to find out how to get involved at (306) 966-2148 or thompsonleanne@sasktel.net.  

Funds for this program are provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Greencover Canada Program available through the Canadian Cattlemen's Association.
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Leanne Thompson - Editor
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